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Sports committee

IBSA Judo Sport Committee

The IBSA Judo Sport Committee is responsible for the development of judo for athletes with visual impairments, its rules and regulations, calendar and everything else that the sport needs to be successful.

János Tardos



Sara Menedez

Sport Director and Pan-American Coordinator

Imre Csösz

Sport Comissionaire (IJF)

Elmar Babanli

Sport Comissionaire (IJF) - Europe

Diyar Seitov

Sport Comissionaire (IJF) - Asia

Henk Plugge

Referee Director

Kenichi Shoshida

Referee Director

Information Technology

Ákos Braun

IT Director

Enikő Csokási

IT Expert

Education and Coaching

Ian Johns

Education and Coaching Director

Mark Vink

Education and Coaching Subcommission

Promotion and development

Silvio Tavoletta

Marketing and Development Director

Norbert Bíró

Promotion and Development Director

Esther Stam

Commentator and Media Expert

Official Photographer

Rafal Burza


Pan-American Event Supervisor

Gary Berliner

European event supervisor

Angelika Wilhelm

Referee Supervisor

Neil Adams

Referee Supervisor

Udo Quellmalz