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Out-of-competition classification

This sight classification opportunity will be provided at the IBSA Goalball European Championships (Group B) 2021.


Arrival - 3rd June
Classification - 4th June
Departure - 5th June

This opportunity is primarily for visually impaired athletes who have qualified or may qualify for the Tokyo Paralympic Games.

Registration on ISAS on-line registration system. Athletes for classification must be registered in the appropriate classification opportunity within the deadline dates to ensure a place in the classification schedule.

Please also submit information on all athletes to the organisers for classification with the following information:

- country
- ISAS number
- first name
- surname
- sport

Countries are responsible for making their own travel and accommodation arrangements in co-operation with the LOC.

Competition details

Date: 03-06-2021 -
Related to: Judo
Location: Lahti (Finland)
Sanction: Approved

Contact information

For more information contact Laura Kittek:

[email protected]